Saturday, November 6, 2010

Saddle Blankets and Procrastination (still!!)

Thursday night I thought I would sit down and get everything cut out for my That Girl... That Quilt Quilt Along. I started out great finishing the white inside border, but then I got tired and decided I would finish by 2inch border later. HA! I haven't done that yet. However, I've decided that I'm not that far behind because I started the next step of sewing. I figure that if finish sewing all the white then I'll cut my coal and then sew that, and then TA DA! I will be all caught up.

This morning I went to volunteer clearing an marking trails for a public horse riding trail system. Getting out into the fall air to do some good works really motivates me.

Speaking of horses, I got my very first sewing job, which I'm doing for free for a friend of my sister who rides on the Equestrian team. I guess since I'm not getting paid it wouldn't a "job". :-) Anyway... to buy a pack of 3 plain white saddle blankets it costs around $15.00 to buy 1 saddle blanket with ribbon sewn on it cost $15.00. My sister told her friend "I bet my sister can sew a ribbon on it for you" so that is how I got my first job!

Plain Old Saddle Blanket
$15.00 Saddle Blanket with Ribbon Sewn On

Plain Old Saddle Blanket with $2.00 Ribbon Sewn On. I think it looks just as good as the store bought one... new business opportunity???

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