Thursday, November 4, 2010

Fabric Pick Up

I am kind of falling behind on the That Girl... That Quilt Quilt Along and it is only week 2!!! It took me forever to decided on a fabric, and then it took me forever to order it which I finally did pick out Kona Snow for the small border and Kona Coal for the Larger Border. I wanted to use a teal or some other kind of blue, but nothing really matched, and I really love grey! One the fabric came in the mail on Monday off it went to my sisters apartment to be washed. I just can't stand paying for my fabric to be washed at my apartment ($2.50 wash & dry) where is hers is part of the rent. However, she took forever... but today is the day that I will pick   them up and get to cutting. Hopefully after tonight I will be right on track! I can't wait for the next step!!!


  1. Have fun cutting and make sure not to drop your rotary cutter on your foot, like I did! I love the charm pack that you picked.

  2. I like the fabric you chose, it's sure going to be a pretty quilt! I adore Kona Coal, it's one of my favorite Kona solids :)