Thursday, October 7, 2010

Some Unwanted Time Away

So I just gotten started with my new found fervor for quilting and sewing and I was really excited to finish my kids coloring wallet; I did finish it! It had a cute cow fabric on the outside, with pink gingham for the inside with cow print fabric serving as the pockets. I thought I would post the picture on Monday after I went home to visit my grandma. Unfortunately, my grandma passed away on Sunday night and I just got back home today after the funeral. I am really sad, because my grandmother is the one who taught me how to sew when I was younger and I remember sitting up late at night trying to finish my 4-H sewing projects.

Me and my Grandma at my college graduation in 2008
However, I think her passing will push me to become more consistent with my sewing and quilting. Lets hope so! I promise I will post my pictures today or tomorrow...

My next project is to finish a baby quilt with John Deere Fabric that has been sitting around all pieced together for a friend of mines baby who is now 2 years old! My family laughs and says that by the time I finish it that baby will be having babies! Well I will show them! :-)

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