Tuesday, October 12, 2010


As promised here are the photos of my new organized half closet used to store my quilting supplies. This is not even a 1/10th of my stuff. This is just the supplies that I have acquired while being in my new apartment (all of 2 months). Most of my supplies are back at my parents house. Which with my space limitations is a good thing!

Next to my bins will go my sewing machine and I can even hang my quilts above. On the top shelf are all my fat quarters, patterns, buttons, tools, and other random craft supplies. My crate has yards of fabric, and the drawers have started quilt blocks, and smaller yardages of fabric.

I'm really sorry that these pictures are horrible quality... I wonder if something was goofy with my camera? I finished the quilt top to my Mango Turquoise Quilt. I'll upload some pictures tomorrow! :-)

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