Friday, October 8, 2010

New Project!

So since I made such swift progress on my last project, even if it was just a small one, I thought that I just jump right into my next project. I am going to make a lap quilt for a some family friends since they are amazing to me an my roommate. They have this picture in one room that I know mean a lot to them, and that is where I got my idea. The picture is a turquoise and deep orange color. I have 2 diffrent 3" squares I bought with this project in mind. One is turquoise and the the other one is dark mango. Since I only have 80 I thought that I would add large white stripes to the quilt to fill it out. Here are the two fabrics that I have chosen.


I am really excited to start this project, and will most likely being it this weekend, but things can get crazy around here, so we shall see and I need to finish the corners for my Baby Girl John Deere Quilt (which I WILL finish it this weekend and I will post pictures). The goal is to finish it sooner rather then later, with the later being in time for a Christmas gift. Here is the plan for this new quilt.

My drawing is a little wiggly looking... but let me know what you think of the fabric choices, and the overall design!

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