Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hexagon Galore!

I have officially decided to embark on a Hexagon Quilt. I thought that they looked really neat, and  that it would make a perfect Christmas or Birthday Gift for my Mom... (Her birthday is Dec. 23). So I did some research, figured out how many 1in Hexagons I would need to make, (Thanks to one of my favorite blogs) which is around1173 hexagons. I found the perfect fabric that has been sitting around in my drawers ever since I slice my finger while working on a different quilt, which after that traumatizing injury I refused to work on anymore. I decided that since each fat quarter has a tiny square removed, and that I still had those removed pieces, that I would have enough to make the quilt (maybe adding a few solids). So far, so good. I find a template that I like here.

Now the fun part... but WAIT! I just remembered that are not that many days left till Christmas... so I had better get going. I figured that if I do 100 hexagons a day including cutting fabric and cutting template squares that I could knock all these hexagons out in 12 days! (That's two weeks, since I won't count Sundays because I have to work on the Mango Turquoise Quilt (which is still hanging on my wall staring at me with it's crooked border) and other projects (Baby Girl John Deere Quilt). Then I will give myself 12 days to stitch them all together. Finally I will quilt and bind my quilt. By Christmas it will done, and I will be happy.

I started yesterday, and made 101 hexagons! My poor hand is going to fall off!!! The worst part is that fact that I have to cut those paper hexagons out. I know I can buy that, but I can't bring myself to spend any money.

To make matters worse I am dying to do this Quilt Along with That Girl... That Quilt. So I am totally breaking my rule about one project at a time. I guess rules are meant to be broken!


P.S. I will share my fabric choices with you ASAP for the Hexagon Quilt

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