Wednesday, October 13, 2010


So finally I have the pictures of my Mango Turquoise Quilt Top... I don't think I am completely square... but I'll fix it. :-) Also I am sorry for the ugly wall and the poor lighting... two things that I don't like about my apartment.

Tomorrow is mud volleyball at work. Part of the perk of working on a college campus! Our team name is "The Pumpkins" and my nickname is Spice. Some of my teammates names include, Pie, Patch, Carver, Guts & Blossom. I will post pictures as soon as I can (since I won't have my camera b/c of the contact with mud). For my part of the outfit I have to sew pumpkin top headpieces... so that is tomorrows project at work. But because you are probably all confused at to what Mud Volleyball looks like... here are some pictures from last year... We were team Recovery! We are the ones with the ties.

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