Friday, October 8, 2010

Child's Coloring Wallet

I am really excited to show everyone the fabric that I picked for the Child's Coloring Wallet & the Finished Project! I know I mentioned that I had this GREAT cow print that I have been dying to use. I'm going to use the cow fabric for the outside with this cute pink button. The inside I am thinking about using a pink gingham fabric that I picked up the same time I picked up the cow fabric. The pockets are going the just a simple cow spot fabric. I am really excited to get started! Let me know what you think of the fabric choices I made.

Cow Print
Outside Fabric
Pink Gingham
Inside Fabric

Cow Spot
Pocket Fabric
 I know I also said this project shouldn't take more than an hour... and it didn't! I think I did OK... but I was multitasking and made a few mistakes that I had to go back in fix... but overall it was a good, easy project and I know I will be making these for all kinds of gifts.

Child's Coloring Wallet
The Inside
Child's Coloring Wallet

 Pattern from Jennifer Casa (

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