Monday, October 11, 2010

Busy Week

I'm about 1/2 way on my quilt top for the Mango Turquoise Quilt I started this weekend. I would have been done the same day I started but my roommate's cousin Paige who is 2 was visiting this weekend and having pins, and thread everywhere isn't always a good idea. On top of babysitting I also had to get down to business cleaning our apartment because my mom, aunt, and cousin are coming down to go to Ikea with my sister and I. I started last night with my closet where I keep all my sewing things and my cloths. Living in such a small space with a roommate who would kill me if I left sewing things out everywhere all the time makes it difficult to stay on task with my projects. I miss the days when I could just leave all the mess in my basement sewing room and forget about it!

Anyway... hopefully I will get some work done on my many projects, but that would be a surprise with College Homecoming, visit from the family, Hunger Walk, and my roommates family visiting and spending the night Friday, and hopefully seeing my BEST FRIEND who is back from the west coast! (Cross Fingers)

I will try to post some pictures of my newly cleaned sewing closet and of my Mango Turquoise Quilt top.

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