Thursday, September 30, 2010

Learn to Sew... Again

So I am really excited to be embarking on my newest project, other than ripping out a zipper on my grandmothers nightgown. Actually my grandma is the person who taught me how to sew in the first place. We would make scrunchies, which I am ashamed to admit I ever wore! We progressed into sewing 4-H projects which included a rather embarrassing Raggedy Ann & Andy vest and fanny pack! She made my Spring Leadership Ball dress (which is basically a very simple wedding dress), and she altered all of my uniforms, dresses, and anything else that need done. I am so happy to have had her as a teacher. So I dedicate all of my future projects to her. 

Since I have horrible time management, and never get time to sew or quilt I decided that I would start with this really cool project that I have been wanting to do forever! A Child's Coloring Wallet. I got the pattern in my email today and I have been counting down the time till I'm off work to make it! I got the pattern from Jennifer Casa ( I have this perfect fat quarter with cows on it I have been dying to use, and this will be PERFECT! I will post pictures when I finish! Hopefully this project will push me to work on all those other project plans that have piling up! :-)

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