Saturday, November 6, 2010

Saddle Blankets and Procrastination (still!!)

Thursday night I thought I would sit down and get everything cut out for my That Girl... That Quilt Quilt Along. I started out great finishing the white inside border, but then I got tired and decided I would finish by 2inch border later. HA! I haven't done that yet. However, I've decided that I'm not that far behind because I started the next step of sewing. I figure that if finish sewing all the white then I'll cut my coal and then sew that, and then TA DA! I will be all caught up.

This morning I went to volunteer clearing an marking trails for a public horse riding trail system. Getting out into the fall air to do some good works really motivates me.

Speaking of horses, I got my very first sewing job, which I'm doing for free for a friend of my sister who rides on the Equestrian team. I guess since I'm not getting paid it wouldn't a "job". :-) Anyway... to buy a pack of 3 plain white saddle blankets it costs around $15.00 to buy 1 saddle blanket with ribbon sewn on it cost $15.00. My sister told her friend "I bet my sister can sew a ribbon on it for you" so that is how I got my first job!

Plain Old Saddle Blanket
$15.00 Saddle Blanket with Ribbon Sewn On

Plain Old Saddle Blanket with $2.00 Ribbon Sewn On. I think it looks just as good as the store bought one... new business opportunity???

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Fabric Pick Up

I am kind of falling behind on the That Girl... That Quilt Quilt Along and it is only week 2!!! It took me forever to decided on a fabric, and then it took me forever to order it which I finally did pick out Kona Snow for the small border and Kona Coal for the Larger Border. I wanted to use a teal or some other kind of blue, but nothing really matched, and I really love grey! One the fabric came in the mail on Monday off it went to my sisters apartment to be washed. I just can't stand paying for my fabric to be washed at my apartment ($2.50 wash & dry) where is hers is part of the rent. However, she took forever... but today is the day that I will pick   them up and get to cutting. Hopefully after tonight I will be right on track! I can't wait for the next step!!!

Summer in the City Giveaway from Little Miss Shabby

There is one thing that you may not know about me, but I am a polka dot freak! Anything with a polka dot I feel the need to own! I just think that polka dots make the best fabric. I also think bright colors make the best fabric too! Oh heck what am I saying I think that any fabric minus ones with creepy cats make great fabric! I am super excited about this Summer in the City Giveaway from Little Miss Shabby!!! You have got to check it out!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I really need to dedicate more time to this blog... but this week is really hard. My parents are coming (this is a redo since the last time they were supposed to visit.) and I just feel so strapped for time. Plus I haven't really started any new projects. Still working on my hexagon quilt and getting ready to start the Quilt Along. Hopefully when things calm down I can focus more on my quilting.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hexagon Update

OK... as stated prior, I needed to make 277 to put me at 400 which would catch me up to my 100 hexagons per day. While I didn't make 277 I did make 137. Which I don't think is all that bad in one day. The one thing that I have going for me is that when I said 12 days/100 hexagons would get me them all done in 2 weeks. I was figuring that I would take Sunday's off because I have other things to get done. I am thinking that tomorrow (Sunday) I can catch up a little more. Hopefully!

Hexagon total: 270

First Quilt Along - Week One

I am participating in my first quilt along over at That Girl... That Quilt.... I am really excited because I love the fabric that I have chosen(a friend of mine got it for me),  I hope you like it! (let me know what you think)... I haven't picked out my fabric for the 2 borders... any suggestions? Each week I will post an update on my progress. I hope to stay on the 6 week schedule! :-)

Hexagon Quilt

Finally! Here is the fabric that I am using for my hexagon quilt. I really like all the different colors while not being crazy and over the top.

As for the amount to hexagons I have accomplish, I am behind, by a ton!!! I started on Wednesday with 101 (which is one over target). To date (as of this morning I only have 123 total). So much for 100 a day. However, I plan to catch up today. So if my math is correct, I need to make 277 hexagons. I think if I didn't have to cut out all the hexagon papers then I think I would be more on track. Cutting and cutting and cutting paper really is boring and when I finish cutting 100 I am so done! (I have to cut out approx 200 papers to finish my 277!)

At the end of the day I hope that I will be caught up. So I will let you know!


Friday, October 22, 2010

Blogs give inspiration!

I can not tell you how much reading other blogs helps me. I get so much inspiration from these different blogs and I can tell you that there are many times when I need a TON of that! I get great tips and am clued into some great fabric. It is also nice to see that I am not the only one who makes mistakes. Oh! and the giveaways that you can find are Amazing!

Speaking of giveaways...Little Bluebell has this amazing giveaway now!  Fat Quarter bundle of Bliss by Bonnie and Camille for Moda... yeah 40 Fat Quarters. Heck if I win I will probably faint! :-) I mean what can beat that! Plus, I loved this bag that was just posted!

I am going to try to share my favorite blogs every once in awhile... because I am truly appreciative. 

Hexagon Update: Coming later today.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hexagon Galore!

I have officially decided to embark on a Hexagon Quilt. I thought that they looked really neat, and  that it would make a perfect Christmas or Birthday Gift for my Mom... (Her birthday is Dec. 23). So I did some research, figured out how many 1in Hexagons I would need to make, (Thanks to one of my favorite blogs) which is around1173 hexagons. I found the perfect fabric that has been sitting around in my drawers ever since I slice my finger while working on a different quilt, which after that traumatizing injury I refused to work on anymore. I decided that since each fat quarter has a tiny square removed, and that I still had those removed pieces, that I would have enough to make the quilt (maybe adding a few solids). So far, so good. I find a template that I like here.

Now the fun part... but WAIT! I just remembered that are not that many days left till Christmas... so I had better get going. I figured that if I do 100 hexagons a day including cutting fabric and cutting template squares that I could knock all these hexagons out in 12 days! (That's two weeks, since I won't count Sundays because I have to work on the Mango Turquoise Quilt (which is still hanging on my wall staring at me with it's crooked border) and other projects (Baby Girl John Deere Quilt). Then I will give myself 12 days to stitch them all together. Finally I will quilt and bind my quilt. By Christmas it will done, and I will be happy.

I started yesterday, and made 101 hexagons! My poor hand is going to fall off!!! The worst part is that fact that I have to cut those paper hexagons out. I know I can buy that, but I can't bring myself to spend any money.

To make matters worse I am dying to do this Quilt Along with That Girl... That Quilt. So I am totally breaking my rule about one project at a time. I guess rules are meant to be broken!


P.S. I will share my fabric choices with you ASAP for the Hexagon Quilt

Monday, October 18, 2010

The Process Pledge

I deiced today that I am going to take the process pledge: 

I pledge to talk more about my processes, even when I can’t quite put them in the in words or be sure I’m being totally clear.   I’m going to put my thinking and my gut feelings out there.  

I am a little scared that now you will see all of my mistakes (because my best friend is the seam ripper!). When I say all of my mistakes... I mean A LOT!!!!!!

I am thinking about starting a hexagon quilt... I know they are all the rage, but I will have to do some research before I being.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Pumpkin Hats!

As I told you, I played Mud Volleyball on Thursday. We were The Pumpkins and I got to make these cute little pumpkin hats! My friend Sonja took this picture for me... and I think they turned out really GREAT!

We lost in our first round... but we had a ton of FUN!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


So finally I have the pictures of my Mango Turquoise Quilt Top... I don't think I am completely square... but I'll fix it. :-) Also I am sorry for the ugly wall and the poor lighting... two things that I don't like about my apartment.

Tomorrow is mud volleyball at work. Part of the perk of working on a college campus! Our team name is "The Pumpkins" and my nickname is Spice. Some of my teammates names include, Pie, Patch, Carver, Guts & Blossom. I will post pictures as soon as I can (since I won't have my camera b/c of the contact with mud). For my part of the outfit I have to sew pumpkin top headpieces... so that is tomorrows project at work. But because you are probably all confused at to what Mud Volleyball looks like... here are some pictures from last year... We were team Recovery! We are the ones with the ties.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


As promised here are the photos of my new organized half closet used to store my quilting supplies. This is not even a 1/10th of my stuff. This is just the supplies that I have acquired while being in my new apartment (all of 2 months). Most of my supplies are back at my parents house. Which with my space limitations is a good thing!

Next to my bins will go my sewing machine and I can even hang my quilts above. On the top shelf are all my fat quarters, patterns, buttons, tools, and other random craft supplies. My crate has yards of fabric, and the drawers have started quilt blocks, and smaller yardages of fabric.

I'm really sorry that these pictures are horrible quality... I wonder if something was goofy with my camera? I finished the quilt top to my Mango Turquoise Quilt. I'll upload some pictures tomorrow! :-)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Busy Week

I'm about 1/2 way on my quilt top for the Mango Turquoise Quilt I started this weekend. I would have been done the same day I started but my roommate's cousin Paige who is 2 was visiting this weekend and having pins, and thread everywhere isn't always a good idea. On top of babysitting I also had to get down to business cleaning our apartment because my mom, aunt, and cousin are coming down to go to Ikea with my sister and I. I started last night with my closet where I keep all my sewing things and my cloths. Living in such a small space with a roommate who would kill me if I left sewing things out everywhere all the time makes it difficult to stay on task with my projects. I miss the days when I could just leave all the mess in my basement sewing room and forget about it!

Anyway... hopefully I will get some work done on my many projects, but that would be a surprise with College Homecoming, visit from the family, Hunger Walk, and my roommates family visiting and spending the night Friday, and hopefully seeing my BEST FRIEND who is back from the west coast! (Cross Fingers)

I will try to post some pictures of my newly cleaned sewing closet and of my Mango Turquoise Quilt top.

Friday, October 8, 2010

New Project!

So since I made such swift progress on my last project, even if it was just a small one, I thought that I just jump right into my next project. I am going to make a lap quilt for a some family friends since they are amazing to me an my roommate. They have this picture in one room that I know mean a lot to them, and that is where I got my idea. The picture is a turquoise and deep orange color. I have 2 diffrent 3" squares I bought with this project in mind. One is turquoise and the the other one is dark mango. Since I only have 80 I thought that I would add large white stripes to the quilt to fill it out. Here are the two fabrics that I have chosen.


I am really excited to start this project, and will most likely being it this weekend, but things can get crazy around here, so we shall see and I need to finish the corners for my Baby Girl John Deere Quilt (which I WILL finish it this weekend and I will post pictures). The goal is to finish it sooner rather then later, with the later being in time for a Christmas gift. Here is the plan for this new quilt.

My drawing is a little wiggly looking... but let me know what you think of the fabric choices, and the overall design!

Child's Coloring Wallet

I am really excited to show everyone the fabric that I picked for the Child's Coloring Wallet & the Finished Project! I know I mentioned that I had this GREAT cow print that I have been dying to use. I'm going to use the cow fabric for the outside with this cute pink button. The inside I am thinking about using a pink gingham fabric that I picked up the same time I picked up the cow fabric. The pockets are going the just a simple cow spot fabric. I am really excited to get started! Let me know what you think of the fabric choices I made.

Cow Print
Outside Fabric
Pink Gingham
Inside Fabric

Cow Spot
Pocket Fabric
 I know I also said this project shouldn't take more than an hour... and it didn't! I think I did OK... but I was multitasking and made a few mistakes that I had to go back in fix... but overall it was a good, easy project and I know I will be making these for all kinds of gifts.

Child's Coloring Wallet
The Inside
Child's Coloring Wallet

 Pattern from Jennifer Casa (

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Some Unwanted Time Away

So I just gotten started with my new found fervor for quilting and sewing and I was really excited to finish my kids coloring wallet; I did finish it! It had a cute cow fabric on the outside, with pink gingham for the inside with cow print fabric serving as the pockets. I thought I would post the picture on Monday after I went home to visit my grandma. Unfortunately, my grandma passed away on Sunday night and I just got back home today after the funeral. I am really sad, because my grandmother is the one who taught me how to sew when I was younger and I remember sitting up late at night trying to finish my 4-H sewing projects.

Me and my Grandma at my college graduation in 2008
However, I think her passing will push me to become more consistent with my sewing and quilting. Lets hope so! I promise I will post my pictures today or tomorrow...

My next project is to finish a baby quilt with John Deere Fabric that has been sitting around all pieced together for a friend of mines baby who is now 2 years old! My family laughs and says that by the time I finish it that baby will be having babies! Well I will show them! :-)

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Learn to Sew... Again

So I am really excited to be embarking on my newest project, other than ripping out a zipper on my grandmothers nightgown. Actually my grandma is the person who taught me how to sew in the first place. We would make scrunchies, which I am ashamed to admit I ever wore! We progressed into sewing 4-H projects which included a rather embarrassing Raggedy Ann & Andy vest and fanny pack! She made my Spring Leadership Ball dress (which is basically a very simple wedding dress), and she altered all of my uniforms, dresses, and anything else that need done. I am so happy to have had her as a teacher. So I dedicate all of my future projects to her. 

Since I have horrible time management, and never get time to sew or quilt I decided that I would start with this really cool project that I have been wanting to do forever! A Child's Coloring Wallet. I got the pattern in my email today and I have been counting down the time till I'm off work to make it! I got the pattern from Jennifer Casa ( I have this perfect fat quarter with cows on it I have been dying to use, and this will be PERFECT! I will post pictures when I finish! Hopefully this project will push me to work on all those other project plans that have piling up! :-)

Monday, September 27, 2010

Hello World... I Can't Quilt...

So here I am announcing to the world that as much as I would love to quilt like an expert I can't. I have made some quilts, and all of my friends and family thing that they are really really good... ha! I wish! But I thank them for their support. Part of my problem is that I can't stay focused on just one projects, I must have 10 different projects started and will probably not every finish. Secondly I hate to cut, iron, and all the other things that are necessary but I just can't get myself to take it seriously.
As you can see this mission that I am about to embark on will be challenging but I am excited... I WILL LEARN HOW TO QUILT! and take time doing it, while I enjoy it!