Saturday, November 6, 2010

Saddle Blankets and Procrastination (still!!)

Thursday night I thought I would sit down and get everything cut out for my That Girl... That Quilt Quilt Along. I started out great finishing the white inside border, but then I got tired and decided I would finish by 2inch border later. HA! I haven't done that yet. However, I've decided that I'm not that far behind because I started the next step of sewing. I figure that if finish sewing all the white then I'll cut my coal and then sew that, and then TA DA! I will be all caught up.

This morning I went to volunteer clearing an marking trails for a public horse riding trail system. Getting out into the fall air to do some good works really motivates me.

Speaking of horses, I got my very first sewing job, which I'm doing for free for a friend of my sister who rides on the Equestrian team. I guess since I'm not getting paid it wouldn't a "job". :-) Anyway... to buy a pack of 3 plain white saddle blankets it costs around $15.00 to buy 1 saddle blanket with ribbon sewn on it cost $15.00. My sister told her friend "I bet my sister can sew a ribbon on it for you" so that is how I got my first job!

Plain Old Saddle Blanket
$15.00 Saddle Blanket with Ribbon Sewn On

Plain Old Saddle Blanket with $2.00 Ribbon Sewn On. I think it looks just as good as the store bought one... new business opportunity???

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Fabric Pick Up

I am kind of falling behind on the That Girl... That Quilt Quilt Along and it is only week 2!!! It took me forever to decided on a fabric, and then it took me forever to order it which I finally did pick out Kona Snow for the small border and Kona Coal for the Larger Border. I wanted to use a teal or some other kind of blue, but nothing really matched, and I really love grey! One the fabric came in the mail on Monday off it went to my sisters apartment to be washed. I just can't stand paying for my fabric to be washed at my apartment ($2.50 wash & dry) where is hers is part of the rent. However, she took forever... but today is the day that I will pick   them up and get to cutting. Hopefully after tonight I will be right on track! I can't wait for the next step!!!

Summer in the City Giveaway from Little Miss Shabby

There is one thing that you may not know about me, but I am a polka dot freak! Anything with a polka dot I feel the need to own! I just think that polka dots make the best fabric. I also think bright colors make the best fabric too! Oh heck what am I saying I think that any fabric minus ones with creepy cats make great fabric! I am super excited about this Summer in the City Giveaway from Little Miss Shabby!!! You have got to check it out!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I really need to dedicate more time to this blog... but this week is really hard. My parents are coming (this is a redo since the last time they were supposed to visit.) and I just feel so strapped for time. Plus I haven't really started any new projects. Still working on my hexagon quilt and getting ready to start the Quilt Along. Hopefully when things calm down I can focus more on my quilting.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hexagon Update

OK... as stated prior, I needed to make 277 to put me at 400 which would catch me up to my 100 hexagons per day. While I didn't make 277 I did make 137. Which I don't think is all that bad in one day. The one thing that I have going for me is that when I said 12 days/100 hexagons would get me them all done in 2 weeks. I was figuring that I would take Sunday's off because I have other things to get done. I am thinking that tomorrow (Sunday) I can catch up a little more. Hopefully!

Hexagon total: 270

First Quilt Along - Week One

I am participating in my first quilt along over at That Girl... That Quilt.... I am really excited because I love the fabric that I have chosen(a friend of mine got it for me),  I hope you like it! (let me know what you think)... I haven't picked out my fabric for the 2 borders... any suggestions? Each week I will post an update on my progress. I hope to stay on the 6 week schedule! :-)

Hexagon Quilt

Finally! Here is the fabric that I am using for my hexagon quilt. I really like all the different colors while not being crazy and over the top.

As for the amount to hexagons I have accomplish, I am behind, by a ton!!! I started on Wednesday with 101 (which is one over target). To date (as of this morning I only have 123 total). So much for 100 a day. However, I plan to catch up today. So if my math is correct, I need to make 277 hexagons. I think if I didn't have to cut out all the hexagon papers then I think I would be more on track. Cutting and cutting and cutting paper really is boring and when I finish cutting 100 I am so done! (I have to cut out approx 200 papers to finish my 277!)

At the end of the day I hope that I will be caught up. So I will let you know!